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ProMedia is currently seeking professional trainers who are willing to collaborate on the creation of a series of video training programs. You do not need to have any acting, television or video production experience. If you qualify, and the necessary conditions are met, production will be undertaken by ProMedia at no expense to you and you will earn program profits.

Special Offers
Special Offers

To qualify, you must be engaged in the instruction of topics such as:

  • Sales or Motivational Training Programs
  • Computer Skills
  • Aerobics/Exercise/Weight Training
  • Therapeutic Massage/Yoga/Relaxation
  • Martial Arts
  • Cooking/Entertaining
  • Interior Design/Home Improvement
  • Animal Obedience/Show Training/Riding

If you have ever considered the boost your image could attain or the additional profits you could earn with your own video programs but were concerned about funding the production, this may be your solution. I am currently interviewing
prospective candidates for this series. If you are interested in more information, or know someone who may qualify, please contact:

Paul Lohbauer